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Personal Shopping & Styling

Last minute event or trip but have nothing to wear? Too busy to find the time to go shopping? Hate going to the crowded malls and stores? Or do you need help figuring out and finding the clothing that best compliments you? Let Midnight Ryder Moon do the shopping for you while staying within your budget. We will deliver all your options to you in the comfort of your own home and stay around to help consult. Pick what you want and we will return the rest for you. No traffic, no long lines, no return postage and packaging, no time wasted.

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Closet Organization

Clothing, clothing everywhere but not an outfit to wear? We will help organize your closet so you can have better access to clothing you've forgotten you even have. We can help you get rid of the clothing you never wore, wear or plan on wearing so you can make room for clothing that brings you joy. Change your closet, change your life.

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Clothing Rental

See something you love in our shop but think you'll only wear it once? Wish you could pay a fraction of the price for it? All of our inventory is available for rental.

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Boutique Party

Celebrating a special event in your life? We offer a unique experience to clients who are interested in having a personalized shopping experience come to them and their guests. This extraordinary service includes options such as a team of in-home beautification specialists, spa professionals, in-home personal chefs, mixologists and sommeliers. 

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Midnight Ryder Moon peddles in peace, love and flow offering personal shopping, styling, closet organization, clothing rental and in-home boutique parties for our clients in the Raleigh Cary area. 

This small mom-owned business supports sustainable fashion and offers upcycled fashion options to clients who prefer to learn how to bring out the new from the old.

Most of all, we are just happy to get to help you feel more confident in expressing your true self.

Cheers and happy shopping, y'all!



I am so amazed with my recent experience. It's been years since I found clothes I like; every few months I go to the shops/mall when I get a chance and rarely find anything I like. By chance I learned that Suella is a personal shopper and in one week I went from rarely having any clothes I like (or having clothes that I like which are 5+ years old) to having so many new outfits that I can mix and match. They vary from going out clothes, to wkd clothes to work dress up clothes, a beautiful warm scarf, belt and even shoes! Suella was able to do her magic just by me sharing a few pictures of my favorite clothes in my closet. Also, I am all about comfort and she was able to find me clothes that look great and are super comfortable. How else do I know she is amazing at what she does? my husband who would rather not have me spend any money, saw how many items I bought and said 'wow, it was worth it'. Thank you so much Suella!!! now I just need to make plans so I can wear these awesome clothes.

Karen B. C.

MRM came to my house and helped me reorganize my entire closet. I now have all new outfits from the same clothing I've had for years. This is awesome! Thank you!

Anna H.

As a recently new mom to two I have not had a chance to concentrate on myself for a while. Meeting Suella has been like a breath of fresh air through my life. She is such a friendly and easy person to speak with. She completely understood my challenges being a mother herself. She listened to my needs and what I wanted out of my wardrobe for myself and she heard me but most importantly she saw me and it helped me see myself again! She filled my closet with the positive energy that I need in this new chapter in my life. I’m so happy to have her in my corner now and I know any person would be too.

Renata H. H.


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